Secured Homeowner Loans

Are there any upfront fees?

You will not be charged you any fees up front for processing your loan. Any fees are added to the loan and paid on completion from the loan proceeds. If the loan does not complete you are not charged a fee.

Can I pay my secured loan off early?

Yes you can repay the loan early. Willows have a panel of lenders that we use in order to find the most suitable product for your circumstances. You have the right to repay early with ALL of our lenders. Some lenders do not charge any early settlement penalty and others can charge a maximum of two months interest. However it is important to note that these vary between lenders and we will explain and confirm in writing on the credit agreement any early settlement penalties.

How long will it take for my secured loan to complete?

Willows Finance will process your loan as quickly as possible to ensure you get the funds through in the shortest time possible. From your initial enquiry we aim to get back to you with a decision within an hour. When you decide to proceed we will issue your loan documents the same day. If you return those to us as quickly as possible we can complete your loan within two – three weeks.

What interest rate can I get?

This will depend on a number of different factors such as the amount you are borrowing, your credit profile and the equity in your property. Our rates start from 5.7% APR up to 29.9% APR (for high adverse cases).

What can I use the loan for?

Loans can be used for any legal purpose. Its important to let us know the reason for the loan at the beginning of the enquiry as it will help us to ensure we find the right product for you.

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Debt consolidation guides

Secured Loans to Settle IVAs

We’ve been going through a difficult financial time in the UK in recent years and many people have taken on IVAs (Individual Voluntary Arrangements) to help repay debts and get a better handle on their finances. Yet IVAs aren’t for everyone. They include strict rules and tight budgets which may not be suitable for your lifestyle. If you’re not happy with the way your IVA is working, using secured loans to pay off IVA agreements is one option available to you.

How Willows can help

If you have found that your IVA is not suitable for your lifestyle or your financial situation, Willows Finance LTD can help you to access secured loans to settle IVAs with one lump sum. This option isn’t for everyone. You will need to maintain your loan repayments and your credit score may be an issue, nevertheless, Willows have already helped many people to successfully access secured loans to pay off their IVA. To find out whether this option could be right for you, call our helpful team today on 0800 783 8871.

Our team use their 50 years of lending experience to look closely at your financial situation and work to arrange a secured loan which is suitable for your situation. Willows can source secured loans for IVA users with the following features:

  • One off payment to settle your IVA COULD see a large reduction in settlement figure
  • Credit score could recover quicker
  • If an IVA is a few years old the adverse credit is likely to be older and maybe ignored.

Are you suitable?

Your credit score will have an impact on your suitability for a secured loan. IVAs seriously impact your credit score which can prevent you from taking on a secured loan. However, Willows work closely with you to find a way around such issues. We don’t turn anyone away on the basis of poor credit scores alone.

If you’ve kept up with all of your IVA repayments, we may be able to help you find secured loans to settle IVAs. This is a service which high street lenders can very rarely offer.

To discover whether Willows can help you to get a secured loan to pay off your IVA in one lump sum call our friendly, experienced team to discuss your situation. All of our calls have absolutely no obligation and are entirely confidential. Get in touch today on 0800 783 8871.

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